The Many Adventures of Freddie the Circus Mouse
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The Many Adventures of Freddie the Circus Mouse

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Becky Alexander
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Freddie is a mouse alright, with all of the defining characteristics of a mousebeady black eyes, big ears, a pointed nose, and two large, white teeth that stick out just a bit too much. But this seemingly ordinary mouse is about to have an extraordinary experience, for as he sits daydreaming in the shade of a daisy patch, Pearl, a mischievous black cat in search of a good chase, leaps out of the shadows. The race is on, and Freddie feels he must flee for his life.
Freddie doesnt want to become Pearls lunch, and he knows its just about mealtime. If he can get down to the train tracks, maybe he can hitch a ride on the twelve oclock special and escape this dreadful cat. He makes it to his destination with Pearl hot on his heels. As the train comes down the track, Freddie knows what he must do. Leaving everything behind, he leaps aboard the speeding train and waves goodbye to his foe.

Little does he know that his life is about to change forever.