‘80S Baby Righteous Life
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‘80S Baby Righteous Life

Insightful Poetry
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Nasreath L. King
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A 1980s baby, author Nasreath L. King was raised in Brooklyn, New York, a place that for him was one of the worst in America. With danger lurking in the corners, and an abundance of thieves and drug dealers, it was a difficult city in which to grow up.
In 80s Baby Righteous Life, King shares the stories of his life. Interspersed with poetry, he narrates the sadness and pain that permeated much of his existence. Abused and living a life of poverty, King discusses how he learned to forgive, overcome negativity, and strive toward happiness. He touches on a variety of subjects including love, obesity, and trust.

In this memoir, King tells how the love of his mother and his faith in God help him persevere. 80s Baby Righteous Life presents the message that each of us has a purpose in life, and King hopes to facilitate happiness and peace through his poetry.