Tango On
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Tango On

Attitude = Altitude
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PJ Karr
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In todays world, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that we must plan and schedule almost every minute of our day, week, or month. The urgency to plan for our future often amplifies an already stressful life.
What kind of life do we have in this fast-paced, activity-laden, technology-driven world? In Tango On: Attitude = Altitude, author PJ Karr, PhD, shows you how to remain in the moment and not spend all your time reflecting on the future. Her collection of epiphanies and photographs will captivate, entertain, and mesmerize you. She showcases themes about positive attitudes, merriment, perfect imperfections, and the tango on spirit. You will learn how to be enticed by the gifts of spontaneity and heartfelt expressions available in our everyday, busy lives. Space at the end of each chapter allows you to reflect on opportune moments to pause and receive.

Be encouraged by the writing and photographs in Tango On: Attitude = Altitude to find inspiration in your life. The benefits will extend beyond you to everyone in your life.