Takin’ It Out

Takin’ It Out
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The Last Chorus of a Tune
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Richard Bancroft
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Cy and Rane McCormick are on vacation when an unfortunate encounter with a group of hoodlums causes Cy to rely on his military training to escape. But when the thugs follow his family to their remote cabin getaway and begin shooting at them with M16s, Cy puts in a desperate call for help to his friend, recognized jazz saxophonist and fellow marksman, John Skinner. Hours later, John slowly creeps toward the cabin where his friend is held at bay, knowing he is Cys only hope for survival.
John is a devoted family man and owner of a music repair business who has a strong sense of right and wrong. With weapon in hand, John expertly wounds the three thugs surrounding Cys cabin. After the incident and before they part ways, John confesses to Cy that his urge to avenge injustice has led him to participate in several covert CIA missions. Now that Cy is safe, John continues on a dangerous journey where he is determined to use his sniper expertise for the good of mankind.

Takin It Out shares the tale of a marksmans mission to overcome injustice as he courageously protects his friends, family, and country from hostile forces and is led to places he never expected.

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