Fifteen Feet from the Pope
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Fifteen Feet from the Pope

Dispatches from a Sabbatical in Rome
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Luanne D. Zurlo
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In early 2013, Luanne Zurlo decided to take an extended break from years of intense, travel-heavy work that had left her exhausted. Three months later during a brief vacation in Rome, Zurlo felt a pull like never before. It became obvious to her that she needed to spend more time in Romespecifically to study theology at the Angelicum, a Pontifical University. Some six months later, a unique journey began as Zurlo returned to Italy to fulfill her dream.
In her travel journal compiled in the form of dispatches, Zurlo shares a thoughtful, often amusing view of her four-month sabbatical overseas as she immersed herself in the culture of Rome, learned how to climb the seventy-three steps to her apartment without gasping for air, explored Italy, including a search for a family saint, and soaked up an array of experiences.

Fifteen Feet from the Pope shares fascinating commentary and photographs from a former Wall Street analysts unforgettable experiences during her Roman sabbatical.