The Strange Incident at Quail Center

The Strange Incident at Quail Center
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Richard Jay II
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Gulf War veteran Raymond (Kit) Carson is a survivor. Now immersed in civilian life as the owner of an airfield on his inherited land, Kit enjoys instructing his student pilots, especially the lovely Lisa Morgan who is learning to fly to surprise her boyfriend. but when a wounded pilot crash lands on his airfield, everything changes for Kit and his once tranquil operation.
After the medics discover the pilot has been mortally wounded prior to the crash, it spurs an investigation by the sheriffs department that calls on Kit for his expert advice. Although Kit attempts to continue with his business as usual and let the investigation take its course, a new student reveals a surprising story that ties the pilots murder to a past crime. Kit now harbors a lethal secret and tries to distract himself by instructing and romancing Lisauntil fate leads the killer straight to his airfield.

The Strange Incident at Quail Center is an exciting tale of murder and intrigue in a place where fledglings earn their wings and romance abounds as a serial killer waits to strike again.

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