A Space Mind

A Space Mind
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Ross Abotteen
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From his birth on the West Bank of the Jordan River in Palestine in 1950 to present-day Texas, A Space Mind narrates the story of Ross Abotteen. This memoir explores the transitions of his life and his views, sharing his experiences from his birthplace in the Holy Land through Saudi Arabia and onto his final destiny with NASA in Houston.
Growing up in meager circumstances in a small village, Abotteen recalls his family life as the youngest of seven brothers and one sister. A Space Mind follows his schooling in Dammam and his subsequent move to the United States where he excelled at electrical engineering. He became contractor for NASAs Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, where he worked as a scientist, engineer, author, and inventor from 1974 to 2009. He also shares his struggles with mental illness and cancer and how that affected him and his family.

Inspirational and educational, A Space Mind offers a glimpse into a man who lived an amazing life as a scientific engineer with roots in Arabia.

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