Jack the Jack Pine
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Jack the Jack Pine

A Mindful Discovery
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Jennifer Brighton
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Little Evelyn loves her little tree, Jack the Jack Pine. She decides to take her mommy for a walk so that Mommy can meet the little sapling. They go down the hill, up the bend, and around the pondand there he is!
He dances in the wind and has needles that prickle and tickle, and he is very, very green. Together, Evelyn and her mommy bring Jack some water from the pond, and Evelyn learns all about what Jack needs to grow and what he has to offer them and the whole world.

This illustrated childrens book offers a story that guides children to mindfully observe and discover the wonders of the world. It also provides mindfulness exercises designed to be used by parents and children together to further cultivate mindfulness in their lives. Using Jack the Jack Pine, one can encourage presence, focus, calm, peacefulness, and imagination in their child and themselves.

I wish I was Evelyn. I enjoyed reading this soothing and wholesome little story. The story nicely draws the child into the wider context of the universe we are all a part of.
Dr. Stphane Treyvaud, Psychiatrist & Owner of the Mindfulness Centre