Proof of Poisoned Lives
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Proof of Poisoned Lives

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Ian McLeod
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In 1968, John Gooding feels he has wasted two years of his life fighting in Vietnam. He misses his wife Ann and is desperate to go home. He gets his wish due to unfortunate circumstances that leave him a wounded hero. He returns home to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to complete his law degree.
John hopes to go into environmental law, suing companies for damages due to pollution. His relationship with Ann sours as she presses him to work for a prestigious firm in the process of defending a chemical company. John has no clue Ann is cheating on him with one of the firms senior partners.

Following a divorce, John continues to defend people hurt by big business pollution. A fish tainted with mercury poisons one of his clients, Billy. The nearby coal mine is to blamethe same mine owned by Anns new husband. Soon, murder is the name of the game, and John must fight to protect his friends and his new love, Jane, from powerful corporations hell bent on keeping him quiet.

Jessi and Sarah become embroiled in the drama, which is only amplified by Mother Nature, who steps in to create havoc, leading the friends through a dangerous maze of suspense, deception, and a touch of romance.