Tillie’S Magical Christmas Ride

Tillie’S Magical Christmas Ride
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Lupe Almaguer Cruz
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Its the night before Christmas and, as Tillie sits by the window, she cant help but think about what a wonderful Christmas shell have this year. Little does she know that her nightand her lifeare about to be changed forever. As Tillie stares dreamily through her window, a sudden flash of light catches her attention and she realizes the light was caused by a bird streaking through the sky. Coming to her, Tillie discovers she can talk with the bird. In a rush to get closer to the bird, Tillie goes outside clutching her letter to Santa. Before she knows it, the bird snatches her letter and flies away. It isnt long before the bird returns, however. And, when he does, he brings friends.
In the middle of the night, long after Tillie has fallen asleep, the stars descend toward Tillies house. As they get closer, the stars become glittering angels, and beyond them is someone very special to Tillie. Behind the angels is Santa, and he needs her help.

Tillies Magical Christmas Ride is an enchanted tale about one girls magical Christmas Eve as Santas Little Helper. Infused with both the magic of myth and the glory of Jesuss birth, Tillies adventure inspires not only childrens, but, also, adults sense of adventure and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

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