Strange Magick
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Strange Magick

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D.J. Anderson
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Adobe Digital Editions
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In the small mountain town of Legerdemain, Colorado, weird doesnt even begin to describe things. Something or someone is making public buildings disappear, and no one in authority seems to have any idea why or how. Everyone in town has a theory, but Samantha Gillenwater and her Aunt Kat know the truth. The town was founded by her ancestors, so they have a better understanding of whats really happening. Truth is; their relatives in Legerdemain were different from the other settlers. They were witches who fled the horrors of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.
As the curious eyes of the town start looking deeper into the shadows for answers, Samantha and Kat need to work even harder to keep their familys secrets safe. In order to do that, they have to solve the mystery before anyone else does. The last thing they want is for the townspeople to have proof that magick is real and part of life in their small community.

They have a suspect. Matthew Douthitta black-arts warlockhas been the bane of Samanthas existence since she was a child. Now hes back, and more powerful than ever, to make her life miserable. Can Samantha figure out how to break his spells and save her beloved town, or will the dark arts consume everything and everyone she loves?