Potatoes on My Head
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Potatoes on My Head

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Diana Rountree
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Lailas mom wants her to clean her plate. But Laila doesnt care for potatoes. So instead of eating them like her mother asked, Laila dumps the whole plate of potatoes on her head! Angry, her mother sends her to her room without even letting her clean up the mess.Little does Laila know that her act of rebellion has set off a chain of magical events that will take her to where she belongsa world where she can be wild, free, and as silly as she wants to be. For when Laila gets to her room, the mashed potatoes on her head become enchanted. They expand to cover her whole room like a blanket of snow! Thats when her blanket says, Hop on! and flies Laila to a place far, far away.
Surrounded by wild animals in a distant jungle, Laila couldnt be happier. That is, until it starts to get dark. For when the sun goes down, the jungle can be a very scary place. On second thought, maybe potatoes arent so bad after all!