Traveling Deliberately
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Traveling Deliberately

Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Fulfillment During Your Journey
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Steve Bannow
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Name a place on the planet, and theres a pretty good chance that Steve Bannow has been there.
He regularly leaves home for at least a month at a time, visiting more than one country during each trip. This type of travel is complicated and challenging, and too many people try it without knowing what theyre getting intoand their experiences suffer as a result.

Bannow walks you through how to get the most out of your travel, providing expert advice on:

finding suitable accommodations at a reasonable price;

dealing with unexpected problems while traveling;

overcoming communication barriers;

picking the right traveling companion.

Youll also get practical advice on other basics, such as packing, staying safe and secure, and making friends with diverse groups of people.

In many ways, the most important task you need to complete before setting off on an adventure is to plan. Learn from the experiences of others, make the most of your money, and enjoy truly life-altering journeys by Traveling Deliberately.