Street Certified
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Street Certified

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Mujahid Akil
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Colorful, uncensored, and captivating, Street Certified brings readers into the fast-paced, dangerous lives of the confident, proud hustler, General, and his young, beautiful girlfriend, De-De. At nineteen, he is at the peak of his power, bold, cocksure, and unstoppable. De-De is the most popular girl in her freshman class, and at only fifteen, she has the beauty and power to write her own ticket. He makes good money and treats De-De like a young queen of the ghetto. But her bright outlook is about to come to a crashing and violent haltand only her General can make it right. After she is brutally raped, an enraged General launches a raw war of violence, vengeance, and nonstop mayhem on the people responsible for hurting his lady.
Theres a war going on out in those Windy City streets, and General is in charge. Although his son doesnt share the same nihilistic viewpoint as his feared and famous father, hell learn that being street certified isnt something you chooseit chooses you.