The Trotters of Tweeville

The Trotters of Tweeville
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Zavis Damavis
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Shirin Zarqa-Lederman
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Zavis DaMavis is a happy young boy and a proud resident of a whimsical town called Tweeville. Hes off to school one morning when his moma very wise womangives him an important reminder. But what does it mean to treat others the way youd like to be treated? While Zavis ponders his mothers advice as he walks to school, hes distracted by an elderly man who needs a hand getting across the street. When hes done helping, he finds that hes forgotten what she said. Zavis must remember his mothers words if hes ever going to understand what they mean. But how can he think when hes so busy being kind to his friends?Teaching our children the golden rule is one of the most important and effective ways to empower kids to make kind, helpful decisions. In the spirit of Dr. Seuss, author certified counselor Shirin Zarqa-Lederman uses brightly colored images and simple, silly prose to challenge young readers while engaging them on the topic of morality. Inspire your children to treat others as theyd like to be treated with this fun, easy-to-read installment of The Trotters of Tweeville.

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