Stories of Blunder Creek
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Stories of Blunder Creek

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Gwendolyn Lewis Johnson
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A babbling stream called Blunder Creek runs through the little village of Westwood, and the weather there is always just right. Westwood is the home of many animal residents who live and work and play in the beauty of nature.Theres Loody Fruity the beetle, who seems to have lost his head; Molly the Mole, who is a troublemaker; Squirrely Squirrel, who must find out what squirrels need; Grucy, who is selfish; Flub-a-dud the mocking bird, who is rude to others; and many others. These animal friends grow and learn lessons together, solving problems and working with each other.
Illustrated in full color, Stories of Blunder Creek seeks to help children learn about the world around them and understand the importance of sharing, caring, helping, and growing together. It combines the exciting discovery of nature with the warmth of village caregivers, teaching lessons and guiding young readers to insight and self-esteem.