Glenely Bay and Nostalgia from Paris

Glenely Bay and Nostalgia from Paris
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Gabrielle F. Culmer
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Glenely Bay and Nostalgia from Paris is a collection of thirty-eight poems written over the past several years by author Gabrielle Culmer. The idea of Glenely Bay is inspired by the tropical area of part of Culmers ancestral origins in Eleuthera, where she spent her early summers. The poems were written from different exotic and luxurious locations. They chronicle travel, family life, renewal, personal enhancement, an appreciation of nature, and pride, among other topics.
Included in this unique collection are poems such as Songs of Spring Time, Holiday Tune, Window, Mayfair Morning, Time, and Glenely Bay. In addition, Culmer recounts her memories of the time she spent in France with the poems, Beneath the Eiffels Core, Reflections from Paris, Summer Chateau, and Cheers to You, which are also translated into French.

The poems included in this collection have the transformative ability to offer a new and serene awareness of nature and the world around us.


What is there now left to do with time? Each minutes hand has now strengthened to hours Now rolled in my mind. The quiet and still episodes weigh heavily in time, Lifes fragments now frozen and refined.

What if I could erase this past time? Yell cut and direct to change the lines. Would our lives be reformed to a different kind? To make what once was revived and developed in this mind

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