Choosing to Live
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Choosing to Live

Enduring the Loss of a Loved One
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Jerry D. Campbell
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When Jerry D. Campbell met his co-worker Veta, there was a policy that forbade employees from dating each other. Of course, they broke it and ended up being sweethearts for forty-seven years.
But when Veta died in April 2010, she left behind a husband devastated by grief. By forcing himself to work through it, he was able to deal with his loss while still enjoying life.

If youre dealing with the death of a loved one, you cant run away from it. In this guidebook to working through loss, youll learn how to:

develop a grief calendar that will help you cope with loss;

maintain a positive attitude as you work through new challenges;

continue to go about daily life even though you may be alone.

Youll also learn about the five stages of grief identified by Elisabeth Kbler-Ross and why the author thinks its necessary to get to a sixth stage one he identifies as growth.

By knowing what to expect when a loved one dies and seeing what worked for the author, youll find it easier to work through your own loss by Choosing to Live.