Forbidden Economics

Forbidden Economics
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What You Should Have Been Told but Weren’T
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William C. Orthwein
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As soon as you enter the work force, you must earn, spend, save, and invest wisely the money you receiveor suffer the consequences if you dont. Making the right decisions will be easier once you understand how the economy really works. For instance, did you know that all material wealth comes from just three activities: farming, manufacturing, and harvesting whatever was not planted?
Get the wisdom you need to save and keep more money andif youre a government worker, politician or a concerned citizen seeking to influence elected leaderstake steps to improve the national economy. Youll also discover how to:
protect wealth from money lenders, governments, and others who want to take it.
apply an understanding of supply-demand curves, forms of money, and basic economic concepts to improve your economic status.
promote the preservation of valuable natural resources.
By examining economics at the personal and national levels, youll be better equipped to take control of your own future. Whether its getting a car loan, deciding what mortgage is right for you or understanding the inner workings of the Federal Reserve, youll be empowered by the insights in Forbidden Economics.

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