Jonas Asks, “Como Se Dice”
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Jonas Asks, “Como Se Dice”

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Shanna Singleton
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Knowing what to say is important. And knowing what to ask when you dont know a word is just as important. Thats how a young boy named Jonas learns Spanish. One day, while walking through the neighborhood with his dad, Jonas discovers that there are many words he knows in English that he doesnt know in Spanish. Each time he sees something he doesnt know the Spanish word for, he asks his father, Como se dice, which means how do you say?
Jonas Asks, Como Se Dice? is the engaging story of how one little boy uses the right question to learn a new language. With brightly colored images and simple easy-to-read phrases, Jonass story inspires young readers to ask questions and find answers to the things theyre most curious about. Teach your children the importance of learning a language with this fun and engaging story.