The Devil’S Handmaid
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The Devil’S Handmaid

My Journey Through Hell After a Suicide Attempt
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Kirk F. Panneton
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Author Kirk F. Panneton battled acute depression for more than a decade prior to his nearly successful suicide attempt on January 27, 2013. Although that moment marked the peak of numerous physical and psychological struggles, it also serves as the starting point for his journey through the fourth dimension during his recovery.Panneton spent four weeks in a rural ICU in Arkansas in an epic battle for his own survival. During this time, he experienced a passage through hell as a soldier of light, as his loved ones looked on from the sidelines. He chose life and love time and again in order to emerge victorious from the endless and unforgiving tests set forth for him by the forces of evil.
In this memoir, he recounts his story of redemption, both his physical experiences after waking and those that occurred while he was in a comatose state. He shares not only his recollections but also personal writings from himself and from family members during that period describing the events as they lived them. Most of all, he presents a unique, firsthand narrative of his encounter with death in hopes of giving people everywhere a reason to keep going.