Perfect Blessing
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Perfect Blessing

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Viola C. Anderson
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Katherine Stewards life takes a tragic turn when her husband is killed in a fiery car crash. A burned body is found inside the car, and it is presumed to be her husbandbut the evidence is inconclusive. The police department calls it a case-closed accident, but Katherine cant move on until she is sure her husband was in that car.
It takes a break-in at the lonely Steward residence to shed additional light on her husbands death. A new investigator takes her case: Detective Mark Lancer. He will not rest until the break-in culprit is caught. Further suspicions arise when Katherine realizes nothing was taken. What was the motive for the crime?

Both Katherine and Detective Lancer believe that, somehow, the death of her husband is connected to the break-in at her house. The car crash case is reopened, but Katherine is not prepared for the dark secrets further investigation unveils. She follows a sinister, twisted path into a nightmare she never could have imagined.