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Your Road Map to Relevance in Corporate America
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Bilal F. Fladger
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Have you reached the proverbial glass ceiling, that career-limiting depression agent where you can see responsibilities youd like to try or you could even excel in, but no one will give you a chance to perform those assignments? In Shattered, author Bilal F. Fladger, corporate executive, award-winning poet, and author, demystifies the confusion and anxiety surrounding how to obtain and maintain success in the corporate landscape.
Through straight-forward methods delivered with a passion for helping people to succeed in the workplace, Fladger delivers tools and techniques that will help you gain the confidence required to maximize your career trajectory. Providing valuable information to a wide range of peoplefrom students, to the unemployed, to the front-line employee, and to managersShattered offers a path to success. It discusses personal wellness and assessment and shows how executives and managers in corporations think, how they rate employees, and how to gain their favor.

Providing insight into corporate America, Shattered helps you mitigate your risks and prepare yourself for success to change your career and your life.