Miami Contingent

Miami Contingent
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Robert Earl
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Eleven-year-old Renee Jenkins is a vivacious, bright girl who is unfortunately a member of the notorious, dysfunctional Jenkins clan living in a Miami neighborhood where it is not unusual to hold a nine-millimeter Glock pistol while answering the door and where little girls like Renee shop for heroin for their mothers. As she maneuvers her way through the asphalt jungle of Miamis dangerous Overtown section, Renee bravely attempts to find happiness amid a world consumed with death, despair, drugs, and pain.
Renees days are kept busy caring for her younger brother, Sean, and attempting to protect him from the chaos that surrounds the streets. As her mother, Moncell, her uncle, Money, and her grandfather, Shipyard, lay the groundwork for what seems to be a destiny filled with killers, gangsters, and drug addicts, little Renee dreams of becoming a doctor. But what she does not know is that a storm is coming to Overtown that will cause her to commit an unthinkable act with consequences and the power to change everything.

Miami Contingent is a compelling urban tale that provides a glimpse into a gritty trek through the streets of Miamis forbidden neighborhoods as a girl grows into a woman and does everything she can just to survive.

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