I’D Rather Be Swimming!

I’D Rather Be Swimming!
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Peter Leonard
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Youd be hard pressed to find anyone more passionate about swimming than Joan and Peter Leonard, whove spent most of their lives teaching others how to swim especially children.This activity-filled guide includes original pictures of Leo the Sea Lion and his friends that can be colored as skills are mastered. Other activities and resources include:
seven essential swimming skills and emphasis on safety, fun, and fitness;
how-to descriptions of all strokes, numerous skills, and many water games;
rhymes accompanying pictures;
progress sheets to track accomplishments;
diary to record swimming thoughts and memories;
access to online video
Whether youre a parent with youngsters, an adolescent seeking to improve skills and learn new ones, or an adult who never learned how to swim, this guide will help you or loved ones progress while being safe, having fun, and being active in the process.
With the right attitude and practice, anyone can move forward and say with confidence, joy, and love of the water Id rather be swimming!

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