Dire Mission
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Dire Mission

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Fredric Allan Wheatley
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College professor and archaeologist Peter Harrigan and his dog Chance are enjoying an early morning hike in the western desert of the United States. As they begin to turn toward home, Harrigan encounters what, at first, seems to be a child alone in the wilderness being attacked by a coyote.This encounter ignites a chain of events that threatens the very existence of human life, and it involves the highest levels of power in Washington, D.C., and its allies, including their militaries, space agencies, and intelligence communities. In resolving this ever-expanding threat to civilization, Harrigan relies on many people in positions of absolute power and authorityfrom the President of the United States, to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the Secretary-General of the United Nationsto ensure the only possible solution can be successfully carried out, particularly when added threats suddenly present themselves.
But first, he must convince them of the truth of what he encountered when taking that quiet hike in the desert. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of it all will be maintaining the utmost levels of security necessary to prevent uncontrollable worldwide panic from erupting.