My Hair Stylist Is Jewish, I Am a Shiksa, and We Are Sisters
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My Hair Stylist Is Jewish, I Am a Shiksa, and We Are Sisters

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Shannon Callahan
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Since the beginning of time, women have gone to great lengths to groom their most prized asset: their hair. Shannon Callahan, whose flaxen hair transformed into an unruly mop during puberty, was left to fend for herself during an era when girls dutifully mimicked the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle in order to receive much-needed acceptance in the halls of school.
Callahan begins by sharing how she embarked on a battle against the forces of a wild mane, beginning with adolescence when she avoided mirrors like the plague, bent her frizzy locks into submission with a blow dryer, and faked confidence in front of boys. As she matured and bypassed the blow dryer for rollers, Callahan provides a glimpse into the insecurities that accompanied her foray into womanhood that included comparing her body with famous models and attempting communication with the opposite sex. But as Callahan poignantly describes, it was only after a series of challenging events that she was finally led to a Jewish hair stylist and a new beginning.

My Hair Stylist Is Jewish, I Am a Shiksa, and We Are Sisters shares the touching yet amusing story of a womans struggle with her hair through a lifetime of styling challenges as she transforms from an insecure girl to a confident woman who happily accepts herself just as she is.