Let’S Put the Real Back into Real Estate
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Let’S Put the Real Back into Real Estate

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Jim Keogh
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There is no better investment than real estate. From buying at auction to devising an exit strategy, Lets Put the Real Back into Real Estate examines all aspects of the process, step-by-step. Author Jim Keogh presents a practical commentary on various aspects of the real estate industry written from the viewpoint of a successful real estate investor.
Filled with rich and pragmatic insight based on decades of experience in the industry, Lets Put the Real Back into Real Estate acts as a guidebook for beginning investors as well as seasoned pros looking for new tips or refreshers. From rehabbing, to flipping, to buy-and-hold strategies, and auctions, Keogh discusses all of these real estate investing techniques and more.

Keogh shows there are a lot of opportunities to lose money, but there are also plenty of opportunities to make money. Using personal anecdotes, this guide provides tips and keys to success in order to overcome problems and fulfillment in the real estate business.