A House Full of Apes

A House Full of Apes
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Margaret Berger Morse
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Albert is an ape who joins the Morse family as a twelfth birthday gift for Jessica. At first, Albert sits on the bed all the time, just like many other stuffed animals. But once Rags, the family dog, introduces Albert to the rest of the family, it is not long before Albert excitedly welcomes a mail-order bride, Alice. Suddenly Albert is not lonely anymore!
As the Morse daughters grow up, Alberts family grows too with the adoption of Alberta, their ape child. Although Albert, Alice, and Alberta are included in many fun events like playing hide and seek, going to camp in Vermont, riding in the train to New York City, they are still a little lonely. They need some friends! Soon, Gordy the gorilla comes to stay along with Agnes the orangutan. As Alberts friends grow one by one, it is not long before the Morse house is full of a diverse group of stuffed buddies who all have one thing in common: they just want to have fun!

In this charming childrens tale based on a true story, a family of stuffed apes and their friends join a family of humans who not only welcome them into their home, but also their hearts.

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