Escape from Jipadara
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Escape from Jipadara

A Solar System of Three Planets with Sentient Life Forms
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Darryl Gopaul
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Jirboa, Pleen, and Khadaran each support great civilizations, with rich histories and varying strengths. But the Jipadara sun is about to go nova, threatening all life forms with extinction if they remain.The leaders of all three planets follow a cosmic and spiritually designed destiny that brings them into contact with each other. They are guided by a force that exists in a nether world, part of the indestructible matter from the creator but derived from their ancestors after their physical death. Although mostly invisible, this force, called Zen, occasionally intervenes among the people. As catastrophe approaches, it encourages them to escape.
Although the leaders strive to maintain their independence, it is only a matter of time before they realize the truth. Building on their knowledge, history, and strength, they and their scientists must work together in order to avoid the death of their civilizations.