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Sci-Fi Poetry
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Eve Chilicas
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The face and the body with a reflection,but to life no one is there.
A beating pulse,
a heart of visceral emotions,
warm tears to cry,
a mind of relative thoughts.
As real as an image but unviable to touch,
it must be a human,
it must be a hologram.

Eve Lauren Chilicas invites others to take a cosmic journey into the metaphysics of the mind and soul while she explores the unknown, truths, and phenomena through lyrical verse.

In a style as diverse as her collection, Chilicas brings to life her poetic visions in a broad range of topics that progress through the duality of fact or fiction while uniquely delving into the inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. From a mystic dream to a shooting star and from biblical allegories of our Savior Christ to angels and dark forces to the cosmic universe and spiritual awareness, Chilicas encourages others to cross the dimension into a new world of relative conscience and open their minds to the endless possibilities.

Supernatural shares a collection of poetry that innovatively intertwines personal themes and science fiction elements that offer a means to view the universe in a new way.

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