What If?
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What If?

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LaDeana Cummins
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Author LaDeana Cummins hopes that What If?an illustrated rhyming bookwill provide an opportunity for many in-depth conversations with children about emotions, compassion, and empathy. Beth Ferrara has created charming illustrations of cats, dogs, whales, and skunks that, when combined with poetic thought-provoking questions, will help build the foundation of caring and understanding of others. What If? offers a whimsical approach to the ever present relationship issues that children can sometimes experience.
What if broccoli were sweet
Instead of ice cream?

What if bees grew on trees
Instead of leaves?

By showing children what its like to walk in someone elses shoes, they will view things from a different perspective, enabling them to explore a broader range of feelings. What If? is a colorful, rhyming book for children of all ages, a wonderful addition to any classroom or home library.