Signs and Seasons of Love
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Signs and Seasons of Love

A Cycle of Poems for Mary Ann
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F.M. Bonevento
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The Signs and Seasons of Love is a collection of verses inspired by a love that has flourished for more than half a century. The story begins when the author, F.M. Bonevento, is six and he meets Mary Ann who is seven. Over the years, they continue as friends sharing common interests, until one summer day in 1961, they discover that they have fallen in love.Their romance and long marriage is a treasure of shared joys. The idea of the collection of verses started years ago as a unique gift for Mary Ann, and it grew into this book full of verses that will touch your heart and bring you a glimpse of the joy of romance. Verse, unlike narrative prose, uses images painted with words to express the feelings that dwell deep within the human heart. From the endearing poem The Perfect Kiss to the passion of Fire, the emotions are personal and heartfelt.
The Signs and Seasons of Love
Verses to paint images of love Verses, in a world that has so little time, for the sweetest images of the heartLines giving but the faintest hint, of the love she gives so abundantlyPhrases and couplets, crafted to touch her heart, as her love so often touches mineHow meager the offerings, still they spring from the depths of my heartOh, how I wish I had the art to truly tell, what lives within me