Alphabet Alley
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Alphabet Alley

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Lorraine Buege
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Life is good in Alphabet Alleyat least, the Consonants think so! They enjoy the chaos theyve created by eliminating the vowels on all of their traffic signs. No readable traffic signs mean no traffic rules! They spend their days speeding, swerving, and having a smashing good time.The Vowels, on the other hand, are well-behaved and do not appreciate the foolhardy carelessness of the Consonants. They bravely step forward and offer their help. But accidents keep piling up. There are more crashes, more damage, and more conflict! While the Consonants revel in the chaos theyve created, the Vowels constantly struggle to live in peace. Will the inhabitants of Alphabet Alley ever learn to cooperate? Will they finally find out what they can achieve when they work together as a team?
Alphabet Alley is a fun and educational way to help children learn the importance of how consonants and vowels work together to form words. Help your young readers learn how to put the letters together with this thrilling tale of phonetic cooperation.