Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots
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Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots

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Paul Scholz
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Rudy Toot Toots is a happy, energetic boy who loves cowboy boots. He loves cowboy boots so much that he wears a different pair every day. Wherever he goes or whatever he does, he always wears his boots. Rudy even wears boots with his shorts and suits, whether he is going to school, visiting the park or playing soccer.
Rudy has an amazing collection and many different colors. He wears boots of brown to go to town, his boots are blue when he goes to the zoo and even has boots that glow in the dark!

Does he even wear cowboy boots to bed?

Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots is a fun read for parents and children. This easy to read prose will help your children learn colors and remember days of the week in simple, rhyming format. Watch your young readers practice their new skills and follow Rudys adventures to see what the color for today will be!