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Delicious Low Cholesterol—1,000 Calories or More
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Shrikant Bembalkar
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Are you frustrated with the results of your weight loss program, in spite of your good intentions and efforts?Are you unable to use successfully and for a sustained period, the diet and nutrition information you receive from your healthcare providers?
Do you find it difficult to stick to the diet plan designed for you by someone else?
Would you like to defeat the barriers to healthful eating and enjoy healthy meals of your own choice for the rest of your life?

In a world where many face daily barriers to healthful eating, everyone wants to know Georges secret to weight loss success. In DLC1,000+, George and his friends show others how they defeated the barriers and developed their own NEET style (Nutrition, ease, environment and taste - DLC-1000+), suitable for a variety of tastes, cooking skills and budget.

At a dinner party at his house, George tells his curious guests the story of his struggles, setbacks, and successes in modifying old habits and learning new methods that turned his focus away from unhealthy behaviors and choices and toward nutrition. As he details how he and others transformed their attitudes about food without compromising taste and convenience, George teaches all his guests how to create their own healthy eating plan, improve nutrition, overcome obstacles, reduce cost, and take charge of a satisfying diet plan with confidence.

DLC 1,000 + relies on step-by-step process to achieving healthy eating habits by learning to keep them NEET, and most importantly, simple.