Wild Child

Wild Child
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Heather Leslie
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There is a boy who lives alone on a desert island. His house is a castle made of sand. He enjoys frolicking on the beach, surfing in the ocean, and collecting shells on the ocean shore. There are no troubles on his home island. That is, until he begins to question his identity. When the boy begins to wonder who he is, he realizes hes nothing like the animals on the island. He cant swing in the trees like the chimpanzees. He cant race through the ocean waves like the seals. And his nose is nothing like the elephants trunk.
One day, a mysterious visitor arrives on the island. The boy has never seen anyone like her. She has striking featuresand theyre just like his. Could this strange and unexpected visitor help the boy figure out who he is?

Fun, imaginative, and easy to read, Wild Child will help your children learn that its normal to look at the world around us and question who we are, all while helping to strengthen reading skills.

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