The Three Basketeers
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The Three Basketeers

The Legend Begins
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Anne David
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Ollie and Mollie, chubby dachshund siblings, are perfectly happy living a comfortable, routine life until the day a large Siamese cat moves into their house along with his most unusual wicker basket bed. It is not long before Ollie and Mollie soon discover Mandoo is no ordinary cat. He has traveled the world as a magicians assistant, is computer literate, and even knows how to fly.
Ollie and Mollie are used to chasing cats, not living with them. As the three animals attempt to get along, Ollie and Mollie soon make an amazing discovery: they can fly too, thanks to the magic of the wicker bed. With the help of Mandoo who teaches them the ins and outs of how to soar above the earth, they spend carefree days flitting among the trees and enjoying the exhilarating gift of flight. But one day when the three encounter a stray dog down on his luck, they band together to help him. And so begins the legend of The Three Basketeers!

In this lighthearted rollicking tale, three unlikely friends find, through the pleas of a stray animal, that they make a pretty good team of superheroes.