Tessa and Claudine

Tessa and Claudine
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Finding My Sister
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Lisbeth Thom
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In this family drama, the struggles and triumphs of life are laid bare. The reality and honesty will touch you. Lisbeth Thom has delivered a delicious bedtime read, as effective as coffee and leftover cheesecake but with none of the calories.
--Larry Larance, author of

Choctow Bluff, A Better Looking Corpse, and Skidaway Scenes

It is 1955 when sixteen-year-old Tessa Steinbrucker suddenly finds her life turned upside down after her unpredictable, alcoholic mother, Eva Mae, decides to leave their stepfather. Tessa and her older sister, Claudine, sit together on a bus bound for Indianapolis. Upon arrival Tessa realizes she is nothing but a tiny dot in a big city.

As Tessa and Claudine attempt to acclimate to the frenzied Indianapolis pace, their grandfather helps their mother secure an apartment and a job. Introverted Tessa desperately desires a closer relationship with gregarious Claudine. Unfortunately, the only thing they seem to have in common is their concern for their mother, who often pits her daughters against one another. Over the years Eva Mae remarries more than once and continues on a rocky path. But when their mother goes missing, the sisters must decide whether to accept the sordid details of her disappearance. Now only time will tell if their relationship is strong enough to survive this latest tragedy.

Tessa and Claudine is the poignant tale of two sisters and their tumultuous relationship with their troubled mother as they battle their differences and attempt to find acceptance within themselvesand with each other.

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