Getting out from Under:

Getting out from Under:
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Leaving Your Business with Your Cash, Sanity, and Soul Intact
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Robert J. Fritz
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Selling a company you own is a huge step. It can be fraught with peril and with those who are eager to take advantage. Exiting your business is almost as difficult as starting it. In Getting Out from Under, author Robert J. Fritz discusses the process of selling ones own business.Based on his personal experiences of both owning and selling his business, Fritz covers the:
Emotional angst of parting with ones businessEmpty feeling that can come from life without itRealization that one might not have enough cash for retirementDesire to make sure ones loyal employees do not get harmedAmount of work one must do to part with a privately-owned businessAdmonition to not avoid unpleasant thoughts, but to address them and plan for them
A guidebook to selling your business, written by someone whos been through it successfully, Getting Out from Under helps business owners who want to protect their wealth, secure their familys future, and feel good about it.

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