Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams
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Emily Bradshaw
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Everybody sleeps, even your friends, grown-ups, and pets. And sleeping is very, very important. Sleeping is when you settle down so your body can grow big and strong. Its how you gain back all the energy you used to learn and play today. But its also an important time for something else. Sleeping is a great time to snuggle into bed and enjoy your sweet dreams.
It is time again to put your little ones to bed. Bedtime is all about helping create soothing images to help your children fall asleep and sleep peacefully. Sweet Dreams is a short, repetitive text with calming illustrations to help your little ones fall asleep and stay asleep with sweet dreams whispering in their heads.

Sweet Dreams is a great little book to read over and over, night after night as you put your little ones to bed. Let these calming words and soothing images become part of your nightly bedtime routine.

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