I Wish I Were a Jew
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I Wish I Were a Jew

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Ashkan Tashakkori
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Author Ashkan Tashakkori was born to a Muslim family in Iran in 1958. However, he became disillusioned with religion when he observed the parasitic lives of the mullahs. He hated their hypocrisy and came to believe that Islamic ideology was the main cause of backwardness in Persian society.

In I Wish I Were a Jew, Tashakkori explains the roots of the enmity with Israel and the Jewish nation in various countries, particularly the Muslim world. After offering an objective appraisal of achievements of the Jews and the key part theyve played in the elevation of civilization and progress of human society, he presents insights into the common misconceptions about the Jewish people and lists a number of carefully worked out solutions for overcoming them. It also examines the historical and cultural roots of the deep-seated friendship that ties the fates of the Persian and Jewish nations together.

Providing a new perspective on a crucial issue, I Wish I Were a Jew delves into the historical and political problems that have plagued this age. It can help the two sides, which have been locked in an unending feud, free themselves of their prejudices and reach a mutual understanding that guarantees a long-lasting peace in the world.