Pms Clinic for Women and Girls
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Pms Clinic for Women and Girls

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Bonnie Lee
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Every month, women and girls seek relief from the mental, physical, and emotional pain caused by premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS. In her guidebook, Bonnie Lee shares expert advice and practical suggestions intended to help women and girls alleviate PMS symptoms through simple dietary changes.
Like many women, Lee experienced the ravages of PMS and, as a result, made it her personal mission to determine the causes of premenstrual syndrome and find ways to mitigate the symptoms so she could live without pain and limitations. Through extensive research and experimentation with a variety of foods, Lee shares a step-by-step process that teaches PMS sufferers how to eliminate sodium, sugar, and fats from a diet and make smart food and seasoning choices that dramatically transform how they feel before, during, and after their monthly cycles. Included is valuable information on how to correctly read nutritional labels, avoid food triggers, and track daily intake.

PMS Clinic for Women and Girls provides time-tested, proven tips that will help any woman or girl begin taking the steps to eliminate the myriad of symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome and start enjoying a healthy, active, and joyful life today!