Travel Light
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Travel Light

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Yves Balthazar
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Lance Avignon, a college freshman with a special gift for seeing in dreams, finds himself falls madly in love with his beautiful English instructor, Tina King. But as Lance secretly admires his instructor from a distance, he has no idea that his extrasensory abilities are about propel him into an exciting adventure.
After a professor heading a dream research project learns of Lances talents from Tina, he and his archaeologist colleague decide the student may be able can solve an enigma posed by an artifact found near Jerusalem. Professors Rhoades and Taggart task Lance with deciphering the artifacts ancient text, and he soon learns the object is a data storage device transported to Earth by alien scientists millennia ago and that it possesses a power that the CIA, the FBI, and superpowers around the world all wish to acquire. As love blossoms between Lance and Tina, he and the professors become embroiled in time travel, espionage, paranormal experiences, battles with extraterrestrials, and kidnapping.

In this suspenseful sci-fi tale, a talented college student embarks on a dangerous journey with his professors in an attempt to save the world from almost certain annihilation by aliens bent on reclaiming their artifact.