How to Build Your Bright Future Today

How to Build Your Bright Future Today
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A Comprehensive Guide to Prepare Physicians for the Current Health Care Era
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Rashed Hasan
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As a new physician, you face numerous questions: How do you decide what type of medicine to practice? How should you prepare for your residency interview? Where do you want to settle after your training? Dr. Rashed Hasan, a pediatrician, knows that its not always easy to answer that question. He offers advice that can help you decide whats right for you, answering the questions above and also providing insights on
determining the right time to buy a home;

negotiating contracts with hospitals;

building a sound financial life;

deciding whether to open your own practice or join a group; and

navigating the tax code to maximize earnings.

He includes practical information for new and established physicians on a variety of topics, such as improving leadership skills, maintaining health, responding to malpractice claims, and preparing for retirement. Hasan also explores the ramifications of recent changes to the health care system, including the Affordable Care Act.

While it isnt perfect, the medical profession can be everything you dreamed it would be when you learn how to build your future today.

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