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Henri R. Sfeir
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It is 384 BC, and Ashnar, prince of Byblos, does not aspire to rule his fathers kingdom. A dreamer and a thinker, he has his own views on politics and governing. His quest for absolute values andabove allfor the utmost truth are about to lead him on a secret adventure. Although he is determined to follow a path to empowerment, Prince Ashnar has no idea of what awaits him as his ship leaves the shore of Byblos.
First stopping at the island of Cyprus on the way to Athens and Olympia, Ashnar cannot contain his inquisitive nature; he must satisfy his obsessive thirst for the truth. This difficult journey offers Ashnar the most important encounters imaginableopportunities to meet and learn from great philosophers as he enlists in Platos academy. There, he learns of the existence of the Temple of the Truth somewhere east of Babel.
Back in his homeland, Ashnar meets Maysa, a beautiful and intelligent woman who immediately captures his heart and becomes the love of his life. But now he must decide whether to leave Maysa behind or stay with her and set aside his quest to reach the city of truth.
Ashnar is a tale of enlightenment, suspense, and history as a prince on a journey to find the ultimate truth, he discovers love, adventure, and the answers he never expected.

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