I Am a Yogi—My First Book of Yoga

I Am a Yogi—My First Book of Yoga
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Anne Cox
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The practice of yoga is beneficial for people of all ages, including children. In I Am a YogiMy First Book of Yoga, author Anne Cox presents a picture book designed to take children through the process of yoga, from rolling out the mat to the final Namaste.Through paper doll illustrations, this guide shows the sequencing of yoga and instructs children how to practice self-discipline. I Am a YogiMy First Book of Yoga teaches proper breathing and actions to help them learn to move through the poses with confidence.
Foreword by Julie CarmenIncludes word list for early readers
Praise for I am a YogiMy First Book of Yoga
With her charming art and simple, helpful text, Anne Cox introduces children to yoga, the ancient art that teaches us about our bodieshow to improve breathing, use our energy more effectively, calm the spirit, and achieve better balance. Annes own love for yoga shines through on every page. Children will love it, too, with Anne teaching them this wonderful, ancient form of exercise.David L. Harrison, poet, author, speaker, davidlharrison.com

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