Children of the Unndis Sedna

Children of the Unndis Sedna
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Lynelle Souleiel
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Finally at the beach on summer holiday, Odenpri and Sigali celebrating the realization of a childhood dream come true, scarred by Sigali’s fight to survive, are serenaded at the bonfire out of ”Necessity!” by the Newcomers, Al and Truculent. The teenage girls unknowingly molded to fulfill their destiny, are enveloped in the search of an elusive treasure. Odenpri tormented by her own failings, challenged by teenage angst, is repeatedly put to the test as she must choose to either weakly satisfy her fear or fight for what an ancient text foresees.

This diverse and sexy quartet on a quirky quest in Sigali’s hot pink convertible, fight evil foes not only of self doubt, disease, and death, but the Mata Kovi as well.

In life we all face challenges, what does it take to put our personal choices and fears aside to accept what truly is the right thing to do relying only on faith and hope? Despite our self doubt can we live up to our destiny? From a child’s room in Las Vegas, to a woman’s victory on the shores of history...join our heroes on their journey as they explore the Earth’s mystery, the voices of the ancients, and the prophecy of life, love, and friendship.

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