There’S a Person in Here
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There’S a Person in Here

A Collection of Short Stories and Poems About Holding On, Letting Go, and the Space In-Between
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James Patrick
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Begun in 1989, following the untimely death of his parents, and culminating in 2012, following the loss of his eldest son, the author continuously documented and captured his emotions, or lack of them, around the events of his everyday life.
This collection shares those records and more, including boyhood memories, and his thoughts on relationships, parenthood, colon cancer, life, loss, recovery, reconciliation, and reparation. It is a perfect companion for those dealing with any of the same issues.

While the raw honesty is challenging at times, THERES A PERSON IN HERE is a quick, insightful read that stays with you and is well worth the emotional investment if you are willing to relate one mans very personal struggle toward enlightenment to your own.