The Enlightenment of Jason Albrecht
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The Enlightenment of Jason Albrecht

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Michael Rawlings
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The Enlightenment of Jason Albrecht is a fictional story that speaks to the intrinsic need for spiritual orientation in the human experience. The central character, Jason Albrecht, spends a lifetime of struggle to reconcile religious codification and conventional thinking with the purity of intrinsic desires and realizations. The story follows the life of a carpenter who is intensely interested in philosophy and religion. During the course of Jasons life, he discovers and then teaches a meditation technique that leads to a unique philosophy in contemplating the wonders of the universe while being sustained by enduring friendships-during and, perhaps, continuing beyond his lifetime. Coming to terms in his final years, Jason Albrecht completes a memoir that tells a story of pain, exhilaration and spiritual realization before finding peace in that final hour that comes for each of us. From the precious idealism of youth to the challenges of adulthood, Jason learns that the material world informs an intrinsic Self and that the experiences of the world and human intuition are necessary companions on an individual journey to maturity in Spirit.The Enlightenment of Jason Albrecht is the inspirational tale of one man's journey to find spiritual identity in a world of circumstance and allegiance.